Blursbyai’s fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap (and a cat)

What’s this?? This thing is new!
Yes, definitively, this thing is new!

Fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap with my maps and designs are available through bursbyai’s Spoonflower shop.

They carry all kinds of fabric, from basic cotton to satin, lycra, faux suede to silk crepe de Chine. They ship worldwide. If you are in US, they ship from US and if you are in Europa, they ship from Germany.


This is a watercolor world map fabric, with countries and states outlined, in soft neutrals: (If you want the whole world map, you need to order 42 inches of fabric.)

And this is a highly detailed world map fabric in pastels: (the size of the complete world map is 84×56″)

Visit bursbyai’s Spoonflower shop here.