Step by step guide for creating a custom map or travel pinboard

Hello everyone!

Today I want to summarize the process of making a personalized map, from choosing the right design to hanging the artwork in your wall.

Custom world map prints

STEP 1: The recipient

Maps are trendy so basically you can hang a map in your home or make one as a gift for most of your friends.

Maps make good gifts for males. Just choose a neutral color combination and font instead of a girly one.

If you, your friends or your significant one are travel bugs, the map can be used as a travel pinboard, where the visited places can be marked using push pins, banners, strings, tags…

Lately I am seeing lots of maps used as wedding guestbook alternative. Not only for travel themed weddings or destination weddings. Maps are trendy and they look neat in the newlywed’s home.


STEP 2: Choosing the printable map

I’ve got lots of printable maps in my shop and most of them are customizable. If you are wondering what a printable is, please let me introduce you to the word: I make digital download files that you can have printed in any shop near you or online.

Pro: it’s cheaper, there is no shipping cost (I’m in Spain) or waiting time until the map arrives.

Cons: you have to get it printed yourself, but don’t worry, it is easy.

Pro: I have lots of maps, as I said before:


Highly detailed maps with many cities on them.

Just one picture:

map with cities

But I have much more maps like this one here.


Maps with cities and capitals

Just one picture:

Map with cities

But I have much more maps like this one here.


Maps with states labeled 

Just one picture:

Grayscale world map with states

But I have much more maps like this one here.


Maps with countries

One picture:


But I have much more maps like this one here.


Maps without any labels

Silhouette maps like this one:

Navy blue map

Or this one:

Teal watercolor world map


Watercolor maps

I’ve got different watercolor maps, like this one with no labels:

Grayscale world map

-Or this one with many many cities:

Watercolor world map with cities

All my watercolor maps, here.


Maps in 3 panels:

Just a picture:

gold map in 3 panels

All my multi panel maps, here.


STEP 4: Personalizing the map

Color: In my shop there are custom color maps, and premade color combinations. You can choose one of my premade colors or I can create one specially for you, one that matches your couch and pillow covers, for example.


Quote: I can add your custom saying to the map, names, dates…


Size: The map needs to be made in the size you plan to have it printed. I think that the most popular size is 36×24″.

If you are going to have the map printed on canvas, I need to know it for adding extra space around for wrapping.


STEP 6: Recommended shops and paper for printing.

If you want a canvas, I would recommend CanvasMemoirs. They are in US and their quality / customer service is unbeatable.


If you want to make a pinboard, you have two options:

1 – get the map printed in paper and then attach it to a framed corkboard (like these).


2 –  get the map printed and mounted to foam core board. You can get this online in PosterNinja. In paper, select material “Best – foamcore“.


I have other recommended shops here. If you plan to frame the map, you can basically choose any of them.


STEP 7: The frame and other accessories

There are endless possibilities for the frame, so I will just show you some 36×24″ frames in Amazon: black frame, wood frame, white frame and many other colors, gold poster frame


If you are making a pushpin travel board, you’d probably need pushpins! these are the golden ones I love.


STEP 8: Enjoy your brand new map art!

Let me show you some of the maps I’ve already customized. Thank you Erin, Daiene, Melody, Luisa and Lizzy for the pictures!

Travel maps from customeres


What do you think? If you have any additional question, you can message me anytime!

Thank you for reading,

  • Rosana